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Thursday, April 20, 2023

He is dead. Mr. Robert Kindoll, a 69-year old man and too-long held captive of the slave cabal known by the euphemism “Virginia Department of Corrections (DOC),” died today alone and without notice or care. 

As of November 2022, Mr. Kindoll’s blood tests were showing concerning signs. It is entirely possible that medical staff at Pocahontas State Correctional Center (PSCC) were aware earlier than November that Mr. Kindle had cancer. Elevated white blood cells are a major red flag and often warrants an immediate barrage of tests. Not so in the Virginia DOC, and even less so at the nefarious PSCC, which is built upon (and slowly sinking into) a poorly filled-in coal strip mine. Radon levels are above safe margins – tough good luck getting an independent third-party involved, and there is daily speculation about arsenic and mercury and other coal mine waste products in the water and air. Cancer rates of PSCC are something worth looking into, or so a human being would think. 

Dozens of us watched, over months, as Robert’s health declined. He moved as slow as a snail. He was quiet and polite and quick with a smile. No one would have ever guessed that he was being eaten alive by cancer. Everyone would tell you that they were in no way surprised that PSCC and VA DOC staff stood by and deliberately allowed him to be eaten alive by cancer. The VA DOC – and PSCC – are known and often documented murderers. There is a 400-year history of enslavement and captivity, and the profiteering off of those being held. Medical care costs money: letting you die costs nothing. 

Mr. Kindoll represented a threat to no one. I have no idea what his crime was. Every day I saw a slow, polite, quiet old man. He could have been sent home to die in the company of family, but then the VA DOC couldn’t use his state number to rob Virginia’s citizens of their money on the lie that Mr. Kindoll was a threat. He died in a cold place and likely in discomfort. 

As the months dragged by, Mr. Kindoll began to exhibit more and more signs of trouble and pain. He regularly went to the medical unity, who in their usual profit-driven callousness, did nothing. They simply ignored a barrage of lab results that demanded more tests and allowed this human being to waste away. We watched as strange bruises appeared on his body. We watched as he spent days doubled over in pain that was reported but repeatedly ignored. One day, in so much pain he could not pick up his food tray, he called for medical. He was made to walk over to the medical unit, where a guard named Craig (who has so many complaints against him and verified acts of cruelty and abuse that he himself should be in prison) said that Mr. Kindoll was “faking it.”

Mr. Kindoll was sent back to our pod, accused of faking his pain and suffering. I can relate to this, as every prisoner at PSCC also can. I’ve been experiencing daily, sometiming debilitating pain, for years. I even filed a law suit over it (pending.) Not a single finger was lifted by PSCC or VA DOC staff. In fact, NOT A SINGLE VIRGINIA OFFICIAL has moved to correct all of the pure and raw evil wrongs perpetrated by PSCC VA DOC staff. 

As an example of this horror, VA DOC Grievance number PSCC-23-REG-0005: proper dental care. Here is a list of everything they are not required to care for, “per policy, dental fillings fall under Class 2, or moderate priority level; also included in this class are: simple wisdom teeth extractions, extractions, periodontal treatment to include gingivectomies, root plaining, scaling, complete and partial dentures, root canals, pre-prosthetic surgery, bite splints, temporary crowns, and restoration, sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures, broken dentures, and removal of passive orthodontic appliances” Per policy, the VA DOC will NOT provide care. This is equally so where medical treatment is concerned. 

Mr. Kindoll, now back in the pod, is sitting at a table, doubled-over in severe pain. Everyone in the pod is worried about him. Emails are being sent, but they have to run through several filters are are being read by a gauntlet of unknown people before they arrive where they are going. None of this will speed up help coming to Mr. Kindoll. This is all brought to my attention and it just so happens that I not only have a good rapport with a local advocate, but I also have a means to get messages out quickly via family support. I make a phone call: this is a medical emergency and needs to be dealt with. 

Twenty minutes later, medical staff show up. They look worried, and given that they are dangerously under-skilled and unqualified beyond Band-Aids and betadine, they should be worried. The next day we get word that Mr. Kindoll was kept on observation and in the morning was taken to the hospital. By observation, what is meant is Robert is given some Tylenol or Advil and told to stop complaining. There is ZERO humanity and even less compassion in the PSCC medical department. Mr. Kindoll, like every smart captive, left contact information with a captive or two, in case of emergency, to contact his family. The VA DOC will NOT contact your family, even if you are dying. This information was passed along to outside advocates so that the family was not only in the loop, but able to take legal action if need be. 

Over the next week, we get details trickling in: he has cancer, he is being eaten alive by cancer, he needs extensive surgery to remove NUMEROUS tumors from up and down his spine. We also hear that he is not likely to survive and that his response to such extensive surgery was not so well, also the cancer had metastasized and was aggressive. No, it does not look good and no, he is not likely to survive. The VA DOC and PSCC knew back in November and did nothing. 

He spent his last couple of months in a hospital, and possibly a prison more suited for medical care. He should have been sent home to his family, and ANY doctor, especially one employed by the VA DOC, violated their sacred oath to “do no harm” when they allowed a man in such a state to be put into ANY prison infirmary. A cold and callous act, by cowards who should have their licenses immediately revoked. 

You would like to think that this sort of dereliction of duty and gross depravity of character is not the norm, but in fact it is. It is important to note that the VA DOC is among the worst in the country and is routinely facing legal repercussions for the harm caused by its staff. While most states are now moving to drastically alter their DOCs, based on decades of solid empirical evidence showing the epic failure of the current models employed, Virginia seems to be working diligently to go back to a time reminiscent of the 1850s. A time when no one complained about such inequities and open abuses of human beings. 

Mr Kindoll’s bed was quickly filled because they knew he was never going to come back. Gotta keep that money machine rolling and there are plenty of civilians to be rounded up – wrongly – and used as chattel. Mr. Kindoll did come back, though he shouldn’t have left the hospital at all. Instead, they sent him to one of the most nefarious prisons in the VA DOC, hidden so deep in the mountains that phrases such as “small town,” “inbred,” and “backwoods,” take on a level of meaning beyond anything you might imagine. They sent him to a prison whose medical staff have been routinely reported to outside investigators, medical professional groups, and too often to focus of law suits. 

He arrived here maybe 10 days ago, two weeks ago at most, time passes in a funny sort of way in here, you understand. That whole time in a medical isolation cell, in the medical unit, where “medical” is quite literally just a word, whose definition is only the loosest fashion adhered to. It is without a doubt – from personal and verifiable experience – that the PSCC medical staff are “doctoring” his record, if you’ll forgive the pun. It is safe to say it is the only real “doctoring” going on in here, and, again, it is in every way unlikely that a third-party – legitimate I might add – will ever be able to properly investigate the oldest active slaver cabal. The VA DOC might send one of its Special Investigation Unit lackeys to investigate, but having dealt with those muppets personally, I can tell you that they will coach your silence before they hit record and are only showing uo so that they can know what to cover up. For instance, the VA DOC record of murdered captives. Murder is a strong word, and the correct one. How you, the American Citizen, can continue to sit by and allow this filthy evil to go on is beyond my limited capacity for understanding. 

Mr. Kindoll is dead. He is dead because the VA DOC, PSCC staff killed him. They didn’t beat him in the shower like they’ve done to others, but they killed him none-the-less. Without remorse, and with all the deliberate depravity. He is not the first and he will not be the last. All of this should be a system shock to you, shouldn’t it? It should, but it isn’t, is it? 

David Annarelli 

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