Untitled – Cedar Annenkovna

Forgiveness is a gentle salve
when applied to the most grievous wounds
with which a heart torn and battered
may find the strength to heal its bruise
Forgiveness is a song that you must sing
to all whose path yours may cross
regardless of what intent they bring
as how a parched and perishing earth
with scars deep
will send a plenty rain
so the perpetrators; you and me
might have food to eat
as how through the suffocating ass hat
a flower can find its way too
and for each passerby
bare its beauty to all
a word that may sound weak
with an only drift lingering fragrance
what could the purpose
of forgiveness be for
when spoken without conviction
I tomorrow will incite
a new and merciless war
But even the dead
who will lie in rotting heaps
scattered across battlefields
will lay amid; even embracing enemies
and all hate and prejudice begotten
amid cemeteries of neat rows for the dead
all enmity will be forgotten
Love you must know the meaning of life
so mysterious and unpredictable
men will come and go, but with their passing and the sun
let forgiveness be the remaining principal ~ Cedar

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