True Travel – Spoon Jackson

Light travels through time, backwards and forward. What can we see without light? Light reflected from the moon, eyes and blades of grass. I stand inside the dayroom 5:30 am looking down front the upper tier — the 8 metal tables and stools have different shades of light and darkness — the closest two tables not quite as dark – – the other two tables not quite as dark. The four tables furthest away show the most light. The metal, the silver reflecting the clear brightest light. Some parts lighter than other parts like clear nail polish. I see the light. I see the darkness mingling to create a shady silver. The direct of the light it from the building’s light – – in contrast to real light from the earth and sun.

The building light beams off the tables creating a colorful relationship between light and shadow. It seems to enable my sight to go into the structure of the table. The creation of the dark and light reflected shows in other dimensions that can only be captured by shadow and light shading.

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