Tony Graff

 Born in 1961 in Cincinnati, Ohio I grew up in an artistic environment. My mother was a successful local artist who produced abstract works and my grandfather on my father’s side painted realistically. So I go the best of two worlds. I started drawing before the age of four.

I began sketching portraits of my friends and family and copying illustrations and photos from books. I drew everyday competing with myself to get better and better. I developed a keen interest in comic books and wanted to become an illustrator. When I got into high school my interest expanded into fine art, the works of the masters and painting. I enrolled into the College of Design, Art and Architecture at the University of Cincinnati from 1980-84 and painted in oils, soon having local art shows and drawing portraits.

Since then I haven’t really changed much in my habits except that I am temporarily, unfortunately in prison. Bu I am fully taking advantage of all this “time” by constantly improving and experimenting. I am still as fully dedicated to art as ever. And I will continue to be.

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