The Top Ten Jewels to my Daughters – David Meade

  1. Never give yourself up to no man, never, ever on
    the first date,
    cause if he respect you as a woman, he will have
    patients and he will just wait.
  2. Never believe a man who is always dropping lines,
    while even though he is telling you the truth as he
    tell you that you are a dime.
  3. Never stay with a man who physically or verbally abuses you,
  4. And know that he would put a ring on your finger
    if his love is really true
  5. Never share with your girlfriends about your secrets
    with your man in bed,
  6. And always believe half of what you see and hear,
    and never spread He Say-She Said.
  7. Always know that what you are going through that there
    is always someone that is going through something way worse,
  8. And always be humble and be patient, and always
    put Allah (our Creator) first.
  9. Always believe in yourself first, and always show
    your body and mind, the most greatest gift of love,
  10. And always dress to high standards and say “Hell No”
    to any and all psychedelic drugs

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