The Things That I Love – Jordan Earls

The sun had only just set, so
the world still held that
ethereal navy glow. I

was running across my front yard,
young energetic legs churning, carrying
me in my wild youth, as I

chased the yellow-green stars as
they appeared, disappeared,
appeared again.  My sister

was near, her sweet laughter
blending with the cicada’s
nightly concert. I remember

having a long stick, which I
foolishly used to strike down
one of the hundreds of lightning

bugs buzzing around me.  It
was when I looked down and
saw the poor creature still

clinging to life, light flickering
on and off, that my small heart
broke for what I had done.  I

saw myself as a destroyer of
things that I loved.  At this
thought, my memory film stops.  Now

all I can do is wonder: have I
really stopped destroying
the things that I love?

Have you?

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