The thing about ignorance – Marcos Henderson

The thing about ignorance
is that it can’t spot similarities, but can always see the difference
never how close only the distance,
only consistant
in resistance
to facts
and slipping through the cracks,
without jumping jacks
just jumpimg to conclussions
of confusion,
trying to illuminate me with illusion.
Ignorance chooses to seperate
not create-
not relate,
never early always late.
Some are purposely so, others its just their fate
for whatever mistake.
Ignorance doesn’t seek to give, only take,
doesn’t seek free will only rape,
can’t negotiate
only negate
and berate.
The thing about ignorance is that it always seems to find its way in your lane,
like am I lame?
because I don’t see the aim.
I understand and I don’t,
I will and I won’t
just depends on the want.
Darkness extinguishes light and vice verse
for better or worse,
this is humanitys’ curse.
I guess some people think when it comes to problems, they’re independant…
you see that’s the thing about ignorance.

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