The Invisible Woman – David Meade

The invisible woman works extravagantly hard
in the workplace but yet her boss & colleagues pays her no attention,
She has multiple college degree’s including a (MBA)
degree) with no criminal record but yet she has the lowest
pay with the highest position.
All of her co-worker’s are woman of the caucasian race that does
less work but however they receive better 401k plans and
wages that are perquisite
The invisible woman get pats on her back for her outstanding work
ethics but it’s like she is the ultimately unseen which make feels
as a midget.
She has a complex about her race & hair and the neighborhood
which she is originally from,
So to be accepted in the workplace she has plans on getting a lip
& butt reduction & she imitates her cohorts by trying to dress
& even talk like them.
She uses many chemicals to straighten her curls in the morning
and it’s one of her Pet-Peeves when her colleagues makes jokes about
her a descendant of Africa.
Coprorate American refuses to acknowledge her or even “say her Name”
and woman of color is the most neglected, underserved, disregarded
woman in corporate America!(SMH) America – Release the work
chains & Do better!


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