The Introduction – B.E. The Truth

    I am not a Black human being to be honored as an unintellectual puppet or a slave. 


    This dreaded halfway point is the story of Blacks and other human beings of color in America. Forged under the gripping saga in which America was built on. In 2021, the American way of life does not make people safter nor happier, but only synchronizes within a handful of boastful insolent oppressors. This demonstrates America, is not the land of the free but rather the land of supremacy and insidious factors. Example: “stand down and stand by. Fight as hard as you can to defend your country.”

    Nothing can be changed until ignorance and disobedience are faced with severe prosecution, therefore white culture (MAGA) is a metaphor for power. The world cannot be or will ever become white. Extremists don’t know me as an equal, but I know them. Their history lingers into their existence today! Radical men & women rely on their imagined theories, rather than deal with true reality from their monstrous immoral selves. 

    Cruelty has trapped who they’d like too be but cannot, they deal with who they are: only to take violence and vengeance into their own hands. American history has no moral justification, and the West has no authority! This sheds light that force used by absolute power in the past, and in these current times only exhibits their weaknesses. Their rule isn’t a tributary that esteems a united power, but rather control by an oppressive totalitarian siege. 

    No kingdom can rule by force alone! Their plan of purpose: the eradication of all other races. History has shown that: Blacks, Indians, Latinos, Spanish, Chinese, and Mexicans have all been victimized, terrorized and immortalized by a heavy-handed conformity whom takes no fruition as a virtue. What they do not understand, they only destroy. Take notice to m silent cries in my song, “The World’s Just A Ghetto.” 

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