THE HUSBAND – Rick Luellen

the advance of regret
can be so gradual
yesterday I was happy
today, I realize
her marriage was a failure
she became unhappy
unkind treatment —
a few unkind words
left alone

in the morning
he went to lunch
   — dinner out

all over she began to see
her self-confidence
oozed away
if she left
if she were to disobey
that would be stranger still

and in the distance
indeed — there was
scarcely a touch
mysterious all the same

she forgot her nature

she reflected
that her social position
   –she called it–
and it was fun
the whole thing

the people left
for her to give in
not even write to her
this false friend
and that of opposition
who should never
be forgiven

at first she had seen
the end of the earth
that was to the good
and there observed
turned querulous

but she was

discer that he
chose to use it
and locks —
it was the old question

I always do it
yes —
I am older than you
I am your husband
he said

and he —
   –at last–
   –he looked horrified

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