The Guilty Vs. The Innocent – David Meade

The guilty glides into the swiftness of darkness as the
innocent suffers the consequences,
How can we turn a blind eye to the truth and ignore the foot
steps of the evil and the wickedness
A man gets found not Guilty of the murder weapon but found
guilty of criminal homicide,
The verdict is more inconsistent than letting Bonnie go free
but putting Clyde in the electric chair, then watching his body fry.
The District Attorney has withheld exculpatory evidence as
he lay in a queen size bed full of lies.
And when he convicted the innocent man to Death Row, he
didn’t have the decency to admit his guilt and to his sibblings
and widow wife to simply just apologize.
The justice scales weighs injustice and the 12 majectics judges
just doesn’t seem to care,
There will be a river or an ocean of injustice if every innocent
man and woman just shed one tear.
As the innocence rots in a cell the guilty is out committing
more & more mischeif as he pops the corp from his bottle of champagne,
The innocent is voiceless and powerless and is denied appeal
after appeal as he suffers years of confusion and pain!

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