The Foreseeable Disaster – B.E. The Truth

Former president, Donald Trump’s slanderous metophors

conjoined with social media computer users. Did enact 

the exact immoral provoked temperaments.

Google, Facebook, Twitter, and You-tube generate billions of revenue annually, as users probe on-line to retrieve questionable transmissions of misinformation. Personally, I’m not highly enthusiastic about computer technology since its welcomed debut. I have concluded that computer usage does stagnate the users intellect, and snares them to become more dependent and entangled onto a machine for outlandish interpretations; displaying text messages that are unscrupulous. Which users rely upon and enjoy the grim language they like to hear. This concept dulls a users abilities to research other materials, or face to face involvement to solve issues & topics for themselves.

But what I didn’t suspect was that social media retains illusionary components (tweets) that conjure up distorted virtual relations. That empower visible ruthless gestures and opinions illuminated from other various users. Their marred interpretations allows browsers to reveal convenient subjgate topics, that contain illogical reason. These methodical schemes have now become more commonplace trends. And are contrary with traditional shared truths, that bind the moral fabric of ethics and principals. Added, cultivates and bonds desires toward the human spirit to pursue and thrive upon.

In comparison, Donald Trump’s ethereal mind set imagery, propagates only too promote dishonor by exploitation He has hurled blatant attacks, and has smeared on anyone he believed worthy to ridicule. (like cyber bullying) His dubious reputation and twisted reason toward simple questions, only squandered Trump to solicit imagined courses of reaction. Hr presented no viable soluttions other than too seek and elimniate. This illustrated Trup as owning an unfit mentally, and betrayed the american people. His schemes constantly aroused scorn and indignity, rather to embrace reality and uphold truth, Trump’s perverse measures has caused some people to mimic him: “oh he’s the president who does this, or says that, so I can and will do it to.”

This mirrored depiction within social media also displays for on-lookers, what theywant to hear and see. Computer websites portray composites of irrational opinionated views and fallacies. And substitute virtuous harmony with gloomy beliefs: wrong is good, and good is wrong. Behaving upon words that bolster confustion and hate.

This lingers a burden amongst collective people of decency and honor, and draws up adversity and division. Many human beings desire: love, connection, compassion, wanting to feel belonged, and engage in empathic means to enrich connection in community and human values. However, the ingenious computer has threatened these impressions by, no physical face to face interactions, no true intimacy. This weakens trust and association. On the other hand, these vile mechanisms ushered in: racism, identity theft, child pornography, cyber attacks, and racist motivated uproars. These factors reduces indemnity, and places America in more division, and devalues the human spirit abroad.

For example, within America Trump did induce racial anxiety; as his supporters agreed with him about an unfair election, and ranted publicly about it. Trump’s exploits were, “recount the ballots.” As a result, in September 2020, a national wide televised debate showed Trump command the proud boys to, “stand back and stand by.” His delusional mind set, allied with social media insurrectionist (Trump followers), all justified and affirmed the election was rigged. His announcement of debauchery to his followers was, “march to the State Capitol, the election was stolen from me, from you, and from our country! We fight, we fight like hell; or we won’t have a country. We will not let this election be taken from us! Stop the steal.” This incited a coo, which stormed the U.S. State Capitol with extreme violence, and deadly force, too target key political objectives. Trump’s rhetoric for blame was, “are election was stolen from us. I know your hurt and feel your pain.”

Trump staged this insurrection uproar, dated January 6th 2021, which exploited his hostile juvenile behavior and unruly obsession who protested voter fraud. His antics has plunged America into uncharted districts of dis-array and regression! What a detrimental destructive lesson. In the aftermath, seven people lost their lives, including three state capitol police officers: Sitnick, Levengood, and Smith, (all rest in peace). Here’s my poem that conveys, “Political recession.”

In closing the writer adds, justice has no reality.

This narrative is not a bias threat, nor an attack. 

But rather, horrific words which outlined truths 

in partial, political status formality: white privilege.

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