The Forbidden Zone – B.E. The Truth

Another long day’s end! Where, who, what
is a friend? Someone that understand
what I convey. Someone to express kind
words when I am dismayed. I search for
weason, I strive for truth, periodically I
hit a brick wall, periodically I lose my
roots. Confused! My heart bleeds, craving cahoots,
a companionship, a league for days are not promised
in prison, moments are not
exactly as they seem. My vigor’s postponed
especially without Yvette, my dear Queen.

Must I continue to call on JESUS, when
nothing else can please us? Strolling inside
this pit of lifeless drones, spirit siphoned
off leaving me consumed in dry bones. Does
a letter make the situation better? How can
I tell, I hardly receive mail. My trust in
people dulls slim, my vitality grows vain.
Prison is tormenting pain! A crying shame,
a money game!

Constantly beating to drums of different
beats, desiring to be honest but then, desiring
to cheat. So I sleep, feeling bleak, withered
from the correctional officers’ heat. This too
is wild, I did not experience my child mature
in her age, another fuse to build up rage!
Entrapped within this cage. How must I re-
Group? Frantically hitting brick walls, searching
for solace inside 15-minute interrupted
phone calls. As I listen to the voice, I have no choice,
only to be collective-receptive, yet beating to the drum
of another beat.
Why this mystique? Asking for financial
assistance, feeling pressure of resistance.
Helpless and alone, I entertain bad reflections
from my forbidden zone.

Ensnared deeply inside a dark abyss, satan
thinks he’s won my soul, adding me to his list.
Unforeseen visions can drive me crazy,
leaving me in stillness, weakness, tormenting the my conscious too become hazy. I couldn’t
Control anything, I’m serving time. I cannot control nothing, just instinct and mind.

Must I continually call on JESUS, when nothing
else can please us? How can JEHOVAH restore
NESS.” There you have it, a voice for HEAVEN,
consoling my pains from satanic tantrums.

For GOD knows are woes, HE understands are
pains, GOD comfort us when we truly call on
HIS NAME. When your way appears dark, when all hope peaks dim, quickly call JESUS, reveal
your troubles to HIM. Call in FAITH, don’t
hesitate, GOD IS LOVE, love is fate. Never
allow stress or despair to cast you in bondage, too twist thoughts or build false securities. Simply call for
JESUS to supply what you needs. Call JESUS! HELL, set you free. Walking with GOD, you’re never
without hope, or left alone you are at perfect peace, even in the forbidden zone.

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