The Disease of the Century – Amber Daniel

Rowlo the Bowlo, puddeling of the pipe, draw back your afternoon delight
It’s alright, I’ll rot out your teeth, and I’ll crater your face
Nothing will ever satisfy you the same
Or take my place
You think you have me beat ha!
Addiction is a disease
This sickness makes you weak at the knees
Your soul, your innocence
It’s such a treat
I will take take take
Don’t play, don’t poke, not even a puff
Meth not even once, it’s no joke
It’ll never be enough
You’ll keep chasing that magic dragon
That’s just a fact
Addiction will have you, and you keep
Coming back
I’ll never be satisfied, I’ll never let you go
Your soul is mine to own
This I already know
I’ll take you away on one hell of a
Ride, I’ll put you in a cage
And I’ll own you either way until you
Alone you will be the one to pay the
The price is your life
Locked down away from your family, no friends
No way
Addiction is the disease of the century
And I’m here to stay
Lack of ability to care, surely no concern
I’m full of flaws, you’re breaking the law
I’m cursed and plagued
By an addiction I can’t contain
I am human, aren’t you
We are equal, are we not
Some say money doesn’t matter
What do they know
The ones saying that, they don’t know the
Homeless, unsure, desperation, deportation
Incarceration, extradition, frustration
This is my struggle everyday, all day
Day to day
I live this struggle, and I know it to be
In fact I know this struggle all too well
From one hell into the next, and I’m
Back again
The reality of addiction:
The devil holding me down
Temptation it’s the devil’s tool
Suffocating me, blinding me, branding me it’s a fact
Addiction is a disease that we struggle to fix
Because we’re addicts
At least we were, until society turned us
Into criminals
51/50 crazy is the name of the game
The meth man is here to stay
All he asks, it’s simple come on and
Let’s play
All it takes is a puff, or a poke of
The point, you put a needle to the vein it’s
Game over friend
You’re mine until the end of time

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