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  1. Dear Steven,
    Hello! This is Sophia, and recently I got together with a couple of JAC volunteers, Louis and
    Sacha. We were all so moved by your “Strange Fruit” tribute piece above, and decided to take
    some time to collectively discuss, engage, and reflect on it. Below you will find pieces of our
    reflection. Thank you so much for creating and choosing to share with JAC!
    We feel a remarkable combination of pain and elegance emanating from this artwork. Billie
    Holiday’s hands resting so comfortably under her chin add to the relaxed feeling on her face. She
    seems like she knows more than the viewer, and has the compassion to simply give her eyes back
    to us. Sacha says that Holiday is so beautiful in the picture that it’s almost disarming. Her eyes are
    so crystal clear to nearly match the shine of the blood and jewel sparkles. It’s a romantic or
    idealized version of Holiday in a way. Her glow feels other worldly. The image almost takes place
    in a dream state. We’re thinking about the horror of lynchings in the song “Strange Fruit” and the
    gulf between that kind of violence and Holiday’s beauty in the artwork. There is a lot of suffering
    implied alongside so much perfection in the red blood on the apple. The same is true for the
    hopeful and yet detached gaze of Holiday. It is somehow both sharp and warm. She is looking up
    and out, distracting us from the danger alluded to by the apple with her glimmering allure. Her
    beauty feels very aware of violence not depicted in the portrait, violence that is nearly closing in
    on her image. Holiday’s softness feels mocking and challenging in a quiet way. We see the apple too as resembling something of a heart. Louis, Sacha, and I are amazed at how you made the kind
    of splendor expressed in this piece of art.
    Thank you so much for creating art that is so inviting to engage with, and thank you for choosing
    to create and share with JAC. We have loved experiencing your art together and feel enlightened
    by its expression. I’m inspired by your ability to create these emotional responses in us as viewers
    and believe in your artistry to keep carrying forth promise in this world. This artwork has already
    been safely uploaded to your portfolio. Take good care, and keep creating!
    Sophia & Sacha & Louis
    JAC Volunteers

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