About the writer: SPIN

A musician, DJ, and Certified computer nerd, SPIN, exchanged his horn and turntables for a pen when he came to prison. And in his hand, it never sleeps. He works as a tutor in the Education Department at his unit, mentoring inmates working to achieve their GED. While continuing his own efforts towards attaining his MFA. His work has been featured in College Guild, Prisoner Express, Iron City Magazine, Grater-friends, and Spotlight on Recovery.


Evanescence – SPIN

Isolation. Desolation. Abandonment. Ostracism. Left, to die on the vine. These are just some of the feelings prison evokes. It’s a dark and depressing place, with plenty of reasons to retreat to the solitude of our cells and to walk around like zombies with our heads hung low in silent resignation. But it doesn’t have …

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