SLEEPLESS – Rick Luellen

cold winter looked at him
first crack, and bigger
and of course wild,
lacking all coordination

she went away,
left standing there
walls cracking
his silly, silly heart
and love songs made films
be something different

thought was a criminal
a relationship
like his other half

what she did?

to leave his room again
cold and dark footsteps,
lamps cast absurdly
for a long while at the window.
warmer — precisely
after I am in bed
on her body, teeth grinding

only people with hang-ups
afford one of you
wasn’t this always his strength?
unbending steel

he made his way earlier
turning to his relieved like face
everything almost peaceful
every heart
and that beautiful mortuary slab
parents beaming and full of confidence
die unanimous in some woods

but I’m innocent!

how a lighter,
a shorter period of time
you come back in
they’re guilty
I’m innocent
wearing fibers

me, make a confession?
but it wasn’t me.
you were seen —-
     means and the opportunity

I loved her.


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