Sidney Lawson

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  1. Dear Sidney,
    Hello! My name is Jesse, I am an intern with JAC and recently I got together with JAC volunteer, Louis. We were both very moved by your piece on the upper left, and took some time to collectively discuss, engage, and reflect on it. Below you will find pieces of our reflection. Thank you so much for creating and choosing to share with JAC!
    The stories behind this image kept us returning for another look. Those stories grew on us and kept us coming back for another look. Were we looking at a real temptress or someone trying out the part on stage? She seemed to relish the drama, but not quite sure of her lines. Had she made her appearance on stage to announce the end of civilization, symbolized by the broken column or was she taking credit for bringing it down, a Delilah to a world of Sampsons? And why the mopishly arranged hair—was this a comic gesture of relief, or some notion of style yet to be born? We’ll keep looking.
    As always, thank you for sharing and keep creating!
    Louis & Jesse

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