She Wouldn’t Know Love – John Johnson

You say you never had love to begin with. Most guys you’ve ever been with have cheated, lied, or taken your Kindness For weakness; an anxious sensitive heart boldly pounding behind breat full of hopeless romance, on the brink of breaking-points far beyond shallowy meekness.

No consistent father figure to love and protect you. Quicker to embrace those who disrespect and neglect you, pouring your love all the way in. Like a pretty little feather lost in the wind, blowing through multiple men to substitute your emotional vacancies; training your imagination to respond to imaginary circumstances and fantasies; as if they are real. Like Kate, Running Up That Hill, just to feel how it feels to be appreciated, held, and taken seriously?

Sweet Love, your story needs to be told. What glitters isn’t always diamonds and gold; blistered feet, battered and bruised without shoes running in and out of the cold, from one toxic relationship to another’s, punch, push, and shove; rolled hard and thrown to the wolves wet and abused. Miss-Thang, who is misunderstood, misconstrued between what’s lost, and what’s love.

It’s hard to see whether they want you for who you are, or for what you have. My dear… you wouldn’t know love if it landed on your shoulder, ran up the side of your neck, and whispered it’s name in your ear. You carry with you the scent of affection and fear; open your eyes a stream of mascara tears, and smears of years! washing down betrayals, abandonment, invisibility, and pain with cheap champagnes and pills. Your salvation is long overdue.
God heard a cry through the heavens, and across the sky.. And it belongs to You.

[Dedicated to Women’s Month]

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