Self Interview – Gary Farlow

I believe that the interview is a new art form.
I believe the interview is the essence of creativity.
Asking yourself questions and trying to find the answer.
It’s very similar to answering question on the witness stand.
It’s that strange area where you try to pin down something
that happens at an exact moment.
And you try to accurately depict something that has
happened in the past.
The self-interview should be accurate, explicit to the point.
I carried a lot of notebooks through school.
And maybe it was stupid, but one day I threw them all away.
As stupid as it may seem though I’m glad I did.
They were mostly quotes and culmination of other people’s works.
Sure, I wrote a few poems here and there.
But had I not gotten rid of them, I don’t believe I
would ever be free.
Listen, real poetry doesn’t say anything.
It breaks all barriers, opens all doors.
You can walk through anyone that suits you.
All my heroes are writers and poets.
And that’s why poetry appeals to me so much.
So long as there are people who can remember words and
combinations of words, poetry can survive.
Nothing else can survive a holocaust except poetry and songs.
No one can remember an entire novel, no one can describe a
piece of sculpture or describe a film. No one.
But so long as there are people who can remember words
poetry can survive.
If my poetry aims to achieve anything, it’s to deliver
people from the limited ways in which they see themselves.

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