Searching – Authentic Flames

I Was Told, If You’re Searching
Then You’ll Find!
To Me That’s A Lie!
You May Ask Why.
Well When I Search
All I See Is Dirt
But I Keep On Searching
Like A Burning Thirst
Screaming For Water.
I Ponder On My Footsteps, A Dumb Sheep
Weak & Simple Minded
As I Grace On Sheep
I Search For This Person
Or Thing
That Can Magically Make Me A King
But How?
If This Thing I’ve Never Seen
Crazy Right?
Like A Raging Appetite
Ready To Eat Like, The Savage Beast Of The Western Night
Crazy Right?
Perhaps You Can Help Me On This Search
If We Find This Hidden Treasure
We Can Split Its Profit Together
But First
We Have To Keep Searching

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