Sean J. White

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I typically develop figurative pieces on two dimensions. Primarily I focus on oil, though also graphic narrative and these trippy mosaic-like collages (most frequently portraits). The Bauhaus doctrines have had great influence on my process and subject matter. I have read Albers and Kandinsky a couple of times, and even have versions of Concerning the Spiritual in Art and Interactions of Color in my possession (the Kandinsky I found as an e-text in our public domain library). All of that, though stems from Goethes Farbenlehre which if you remove the 19th century science, is brilliant in its own right. Of course, even the two-dimensional Bauhausler theories extend from the initial efforts to deconstruct the picture plane Cézanne made. So, I would say my work explores illusions in many respects, though follows a linear branch of modernism a la Fernand Léger. I mean to say illusionism as it relates to the picture plane.

Comic books have also heavily influenced my perception of art. Little boxes containing images and a few words stacked together on a single page to forward a story. The combination fascinates me.


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