You say justice for all?
Man, you must mean justice for y’all!
The system has never worked for negros like me,
Ask Breonna Taylor,
May she forever rest in peace!
Innocent Black blood, spilled on the floor,
No knock warrant, cops kicked in her door!
How can it be, that the people that are suppose to protect and serve,
can kill with immunity,
and not face consequences for their crimes like you and I?
Tell me, how is this possible?,
Tell me, why she had to die?,
Tell me, why are the cops not liable?,
Tell me, who the hell gone stop them?
For too many years this has happened,
For too many years we’ve been slayed by master
Times up!,
Its time to stand up,
Each and every black male, needs to man up!
Guard yourself and protect your life,
Hug your Queen,
Love your wife!
Black women like Breonna Taylor,
needs protection by man like you and I!
Now, who thinks that’s a lie???

After witnessing the injustice in the Breonna Taylor case, in which three officers of the Louisville Kentucky police Department, wildly fired shots into her apartment, after conducting a no knock warrant,I wrote this poem in dedication to her and all the other Black women that feels unprotected, and disrespected in this country…The fact that the grand jury did not return an indictment for murder charges in the case against the three officers, angered me, which lead to me writing this poem entitled: SAY HER NAME:BREONNA TAYLOR…Black women need to know that they are appreciated and Loved!!! For without them, we, as black men, wouldn’t have made it this far in this country…We might still be in Slavery…

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