Rose – Monk

Long live the rose that grew from concrete
When no one else even cared! — 2Pac


Life on the streets
Drug related
Loved and hated
Still I rise

Black clouds in the sky
Through the injustice
And the lies
Still I rise

Above virus and death,
Knees on my neck
I can’t breathe!
Can’t catch my breath
It hits me in the chest
I feel I have nothing left
Yet still I rise

The streets is deathbeds,
I can’t rest
All these visions in my head.
Blood in the water,
Tears in my eyes
Still I rise

Above all that’s wrong
There are those who feel
I don’t belong
But still I rise

Above all the hate and the love
I seen through my eyes
Realize my pain
With tattoo tears, we all cry our own way
Facing an early grave
I seen too much hell in the streets
I don’t pray to the sky
This is our fight! This is our life!
Above the law,
Still I rise

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