Robert Sherman

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We have for you today a soft tail Chopper constructed at North Central Correctional Complex in Marion Ohio. This bike is made from Dowel rods, Pop Sickle Sticks, Tongue depressors, and some bits of scrap wood for good measure. The tools that were used to make this work of art were simple, Toe nail clippers, Emery boards, Small and large clips, rubber bands ( were used in place of clamps) and Elmer’s glue. ( no real tools, handcrafted)

Every attention to detail has been done for this one of a kind motorcycle. This includes front and rear spring loaded suspension that works, kick starter, open belt drive assembly, brake pedal and lever clutch pedal, throtel blade, accelerator and shifter all move, adjustable headlights, removeable gas cap and oil dip stick, plus functional mid and front kick stands make this item unique. Tires do roll and the bike is in a smaller version of his much bigger cousin. This is a one of a kind find that shouldn’t be passed up!

*This bike took over 230 hours to complete (not working on it everyday)

This size of the bike; 19 inches long
9 and a quarter inches tall
6 inches wide

Asking price of $850.00 or best offer.

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