Jump from soaring heights, I fly, I take wing In mind, to revel, flying toward the sun In rapturous joy, my heart it will sing and I’ll never mind the wrongs I have done I can feel it, like an illicit fling the final prize it comes, and I have won In seconds blood seeps …

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some things you can’t stop blood all over the road don’t look at her on the sidewalk it made her cry, though “Do you hear me?” “Yes.” as though someone else were all part of some awful wake up, and just a part of it, was crying again but that was okay fight sometimes . …

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A drink melts in my hand cigarette between my fingers smoky curtain between my world and yours look through the window hazy shade of grey coats my view if it’s all the same what’s the point in trying Yellow sun is shining cigarette between my fingers smoky curtain protects my world from yours behind my …

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She picked a moment later the ring in the floor you’re convinced as she’s using it if maybe he waited being any the wiser suspect creep off she’ll be maybe we need three strikes one is trying murder so what do we do this is to find dead guy same time seen or heard try …

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One thought on “Rick

  1. Hi Rick. Jesse here. I recently got together with a couple other JAC volunteers, Louis, Jayme, and Debbie and we took some time to collectively discuss, engage, and reflect on two of your recent submissions. Below you will find pieces of our reflection. As always, thank you for creating and thank you for sharing!


    The contrast between the opaque, rocky, apocalyptic shore on the horizon and the ethereal dawn strikes us with great emotion. Indeed, it is a new dawn of a new day, but what horrendous day preceded, one wonders. Divine figures appear to play in the clouds highlighting this contrast and its emotional intensity. The water in the foreground that meets the shore invites us to wade in, and swim towards this new day and dawn.


    This figure disturbs us to the core, in the best way possible! We have stumbled in the dark to witness a tragedy unfold. At the same time, the painting breathes new life into a familiar pose. The body feels heavy with despair, weightless in her dream state. The sofa is a lurid lipstick pink, exuding booze and cigarettes. At the same time, the artist parodies our misogynist culture, and this is refreshing. Luellen mocks the tired conventions of reclining nudes posing for male viewers, as in Ingres’ 1814 Grand Odalisque, below. The hanging rope is a deft twist on the serpent that corrupted Eve, bringing on the Fall of Man. This combination of the tragic and the ironic will continue to move us.

    Louis, Jesse, Jayme, & Debbie

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