Revelation – Gary Farlow

I know, 

    you think poetry is nothing but

    a reason for a song.

I hear you, 

    but its so much more

Trust me. 

A poem 

    can cut deeply and let

    the blood flow red.

A poem 

    can turn the clock back and 

    help you relive lost moments.

A poem 

    can strip away fear and 

leave a confused mind able 

    to grasp meaning of what’s 

going on deep inside the heart.

A poem 

    is one part of our world where

    we can make some sense as the

    sudden unnatural disasters plague 

    the nightly news on a never ending loop.

    High crime and homeland insecurity 

    are the new order of the day. 

A poem 

    Is a way to strap on your

    own armor- even if only

    for a moment. 

So slide a pen from your hoister 

unsheathe a pencil from your scabbard,

lock and load the words you choose and

use them to cry, shout, whisper but

Just step up,

Come forward and let your revelation speak. 

Loud. Proud. Strong. 

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