Is black folk demand for reparations, really debatable?
Without Black slavery, there would be no America!
We were given no wages or respect for our labor,
Just lashes by crackers,
There whips across our backs
Against our wills, we were all forced unto a ship,
The ones who resisted, most likely, ended being killed
In chains and cuffs, bloody, and unjust,
We were crammed inside of a cage, like a wild animal
Those that died, were tossed into the sea,
No proper Burial’s, or goodbyes from friends and family
Brought into a foreign land,
Then sold on auction blocks,
Tobacco and food, was all a black life cost
Once on plantation’s, we were made to pick cotton,
Long days, short nights, it was completely exhausting Our Black Queens had it hard, they were
stripped of their power,
Degraded, then Raped, it didn’t matter it they hollered
If by reason they were impregnated,
and gave birth to a baby,
By the time it could walk,
it too, would be forced into slavery
Spit on Beat on lynched and whipped,
deprived of education since we stepped off the ship
We were promised 40 acre’s and a mule for our service,
Without Black folk, you would have lost the civil war
But still we got nothing,
No mule, or land,
just smiles and lies,
common practice for white men
So, yes we scream,
and demand what’s due,
Reparations for Blacks,
is the right thing to do!


I wrote this poem as a rebuttal to all the people who believes that Black people, who are the descendents of slavery, should not get reparations.How can any person with a conscious, believe that Blacks who are descendents of slavery, should not be given some form of reparations for all of the sacrifice and blood, sweat, and tears that we’ve invested in this land against our will’s Its absurd and ignorant to think we deserve nothing. So I wrote the above poem as a rebuttal to any argument against Reparations for Blacks!!

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