Rehabilitation – Safi Dona’t

Today I was asked by another prisoner, “Are you rehabilitated?” I told him “I know I am!”
He said “What have you learned?” I told him:
I’ve learned that when I’m on the phone talking to my daughter, it feels like my heart is in
my ear.
I’ve learned that for some, escape is easier through an open wrist than an open door.
I’ve learned open jugular veins don’t have exit signs.
I’ve learned hopes and dreams can die in coagulated blood puddles if they can’t swim.
I’ve learned death sentences can occur with silent ticks of a clock, then a lethal shot of
I’ve learned my nightmares occur when I’m awake and peace is in my sleep.
I’ve learned that blue lipstick is a terrible color for lips.
I’ve learned that sheets are used for more than mattresses.
I’ve learned the sound of keys creates post-traumatic stress.
I’ve learned toothbrushes can pierce a heart for simply being the object of someone’s
I’ve learned when I cry thinking about my family, my tears aren’t salty.
I’ve learned some gray hairs are rear view mirrors for I never want to live my life again.
I’ve learned that zoos aren’t just for animals.
I’ve learned animals probably miss their family and friends too in zoos.
I’ve learned a stick of gum can be a luxury.
I’ve learned, tombs can contain the living.
I’ve learned my victims include multiple people “outside” of my crime.
I’ve learned when the Chaplain comes to my door he’s escorting death.
I’ve learned handcuffs come in “one-size-fits-all”
I’ve learned looking out of a rectangular window for 21 years doesn’t stop me from believing
the world is still round
I’ve learned drugs can find their way into prison without a map.
I’ve learned, birds make beautiful music, without practice
I’ve learned none of the guards paid much attention when their mothers told them to
“stop slamming the door!”
I’ve learned that bars can stop bodies but not visions.
I’ve learned zombies really are dangerous in close proximity.
I’ve learned mail makes my eyes happy.
I’ve learned steel bunks are a practice run for the morgue.
I’ve learned coffee is ruined with sugar and cream.
I’ve learned algebra, trigonometry, angles, percents and parallelograms.
I’ve learned listening to voices outside of your head is just as dangerous as listening to
the ones inside your head when they’re delusional.
I’ve learned justice has nothing to do with courts, constitutions or laws but solely the
universal energy we absorb or radiate.
I’ve learned Top Ramen soups taste like steak compared to prison food.
I’ve learned insanity constantly chases me like I’m a fugitive and sanity must fight to the
I’ve learned chains in the mind are just as bad as chains on your ankles.
I’ve learned women are beautiful.
I’ve learned women are beautiful reminders.
I’ve learned women are beautiful reminders of freedom.
Then I told the other prisoner “That’s what I’ve learned brotha.”
He said “Is that it?”
I said “Oh, yea, I forgot, remember I told you about those animals in the zoo?”
He said “Yea.”
I said “I’ve learned I also want a beautiful fur coat too.”

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