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58 years-n-hell – Razor

With shatterd heart & fucked up Dreams being alone & lost Does you know what I mean. So angry an afraid, so sick of this life. I’ve tryed to cut tryed to slice. But in a blink of an eye I lost my life. Feeling traped & unwanted as if a condemed soul. Cops, doctors, …

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Alone & forgotten – Razor

Day in, day out were forgotten about. We choose our dreams, we went our routes. But the shit right here aint what its about. I am done with yelling so sick of fighting while at times thinking our lives are like an unwinning battle. I am ready to snape on the verga to crack, them …

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Being Real – Razor

Tha day we stop fighting is tha day were forgotten. Only a coward quites B/C there to affraid to try. If we cant believe in ourselfs what makes ya think anyone else can or will. It dosn’t matter on what one says or thinks as long as were able to keep lovein & believein in …

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Broken Soul – Razor

She was a beautifull little girl, a fallen angel from heaven. That was sent to give this man a life worth living. A angle named Faith, with the powers to give grate strangth, to do the impossible. A little one that’s loved so much, that day she had took flight back to heaven it broke …

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Clueless Pain – Razor

I hurt so much, I still staind tuff. When the love of a friend just wasn’t enought. I hate my life now being filled with anger & pain. When all was taken I cused his name.  Shatterd heart & misconfigured dream’s going in & out feeling as none of it’s real. Slashing my risk watching …

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