Questions – Marcos Henderson

Jadakiss asked it best, but I’m asking again.
So where do I begin?
How about why am I here in the first place,
and why am I hated on whether I’m in last or first place?
Why did I have to learn the hard way,
and why is the world around me constantly trying to eat my heart away?
Why is right so hard to do,
and when everyone around me is doing wrong, what am I supposed to do?
Why would u hate on me if I’m not opposed to you?
Why am I pleased when the blessing goes to you,
but it’s the opposite when I get those few?
Why does everyone want me to conform,
even when their normal is not the norm?
Why have I fell victim to more baits than Norm,
and why do I keep getting hit by the same storm?
Why is everyone so troubled that they don’t have the patience to deal with mine,
and why am I denied piece of mind,
time after time,
simply because I committed a crime?
Why does experience teach it best,
when I really wanna rest? Why ask why when I know, no answer is forthcoming,
and I could have used my time doing something more cunning,
than picking up my pen and running?
Why is almost everything that feels good, so bad,
And why does what makes me happy, make others so mad?
Why am I still here when so many that I have known have passed away,
and why cant I live my past away?
Why is everyone so much more than meets the eye,
and why do the evil live while the good die?

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