QUARANTINE WONDER’S – Derrick Grantley

Will I live or will I die?
Is the question that I ask!
Co-vid 19, is in prisons,
on the attack
We were giving 2 mask
One soap,that’s it
For 7 months straight
I’ve been wearing the same s**t
Most officers walk thru,
with there face uncovered
Coughing and sneezing,
Everyday I’m worried
I know if I catch it,
my chance to recover,
As a Black man in the system
Is 1 out of a hundread!


I wrote this poem expressing my wonders as to how long it will be, before I will have to face the inevitability of the corona virus. I am in solitary confinement, behind bars. Everyday officers walk past my cell Coughing and sneezing. Most of them have their mask down, instead of up over their mouth and nose, as it is suppose to be worn. So, everyday I wonder to myself Will this be the day!

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