QUARANTINE 2.0 – Derrick Grantley

Quarantine isolation continues on
Several prisoners test positive,
but we still have not been given any mask to put on
What type of professionalism is this?
By the end of the week,
we may all be sick
Laying in our beds,
limp and crippled,
clutching our chest,
gasping for oxygen
Who cares about a prisoner’s life?
Who cares if everyone in our cells die tonight?
Making health care private has done nothing but endanger our life
The only way Centurion will do what’s right,
is if it doesn’t increase the price!

I wrote this because of the current status quo here at Suwannee correctional institution. For the past 2 weeks, dorms have been placed on Quarantine because of prisoners testing positive for co-vid 19. Currently, several inmates housed on my wing is on Quarantine isolation. One of these prisoners is housed in a cell almost directly in front of me. None of us have been given any mask to put on.

On top of all this madness that’s going on with the Quarantine isolation, the prison is short on nurses and doctors. This prison just went weeks without a doctor because the last one quit. It feels as if everything is completely down hill from here…

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