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It took me about three months of intellectual searching, so as to discover a title for this dominate writing, that will enable it to captivate the essential & intriguing diabolic-factual aspects of it. So on August 15, 2007, i was finally able to discover it.

When i was a lad, due to a lack of knowledge & understanding a very well created false illusion was implanted into my subconscious mind by T.V., and as a result of this sinister agenda, i would vehemently defend my government, whenever someone would accuse my said government of being corrupt.

But then circumstances found me worthy and gave me a crash course in reality, and so i want to extend an offer my upmost and truthful appreciation and thanks to all TDCJ-CID employees and specifically, i want to thank all CO’s and supervisors, wardens, regional directors & executive directors for shattering the false illusion & vision that had been created in my mind, and shined a light to expose the dark and vile truths about my said state government here in the Lone Star State of Texas. 

For ya’ll have taught me, that not only is my government corrupt and evil than the one that the Contintential congress declared war on against in 1776.

Initially, i had wrongfully concluded, that the said above state government employees, had decided to abuse and mistreat prisoners as a means of making them pay for the crimes that they had committed. But as i progressed on my intellectual journey through the concealed land of state government corruption, i came to realize that i had made a very gross and incorrect assessment of y’alls characteristics and motives, so i beg that you forgive me for judging you diabolic intents incorrectly.

But now me as an individual, if i have a dislike towards a certain group of individuals, like for example, those who worship Satan, then most assuredly i will not copy cat any aspect of their diabolic behavior and conduct, because i detest them.

So now, if the said state government employees really detested criminals, and if they had a simple scintillating of moral values and integrity, then naturally you wouldn’t commit any crime and you would be a 100% law abiding citizen, and under no circumstances whatsoever, would you “COPY CAT” the convicted felons behavior and conduct, because the ends never justify the means.

But also, there is another relevant and interesting subject matter to consider that is an important factor to this and that is pursuant to the TEXAS CODE OF CRIMINAL PROCEDURE whenever you commit a crime, whether it is a misdemeanor or felony then you have committed a crime against the peace and dignity of the State of Texas.

So see, you don’t dislike criminals at all whatsoever, because the galaxy of facts and evidence proves beyond a preponderance of the case that you are criminals, but that simply who are employee criminals of the corrupt criminal State Government of Texas.

So it was in my study of history that i discovered a tomb of factual truth that provided me with the clues that enabled me to comprehend and understand the nature of you, o’le sinister ones.

Now initially the training that you prisoner guards received by TDCJ-CID skill fully picked the rusty lock with masterly skill that had encased your heart, but it also ignited a cold ember of diabolic desire in you, that leaped so high that it touched the stars of heaven and it spread so fast through out your body , that it left you breathless and dazed, and now you was able to unleash your diabolic hunger and greed, so as to gratify the evil longing and burning that resides in your heart that was unable to be set free at a much earlier time, due to the secure prison of circumstances that you found yourself in. But once you knew it was A’OK to harass prisoners (spitting on them) and to lie on them (write a bogues case) and when you perceived that the prisoners were vulnerable and defenseless against your malicious evil, OH MY, the evil that inhabits your diabolic heart it leaped for joy and let out screams and shouts that sounded like a chorus of demons that were screaming and shouting with sinister bliss as it was on the day that Yahshua was crucified on calvary.

I did a tour of duty in AD.SEG. for ten years, so i was kind of secluded from being able to experience and observe the psychological criminal actions committed by the above said scumbag criminals on a broader level. But now that i have been formerly on the Allan B Polunsky unit in Polk county, Texas from 8/2005 to 2010 in population, i am now able to observe it and study it, and analyze it under a magnify glass of intellectual honesty, so as to learn about the parasite criminals at a more in depth level.

Though honestly, i have a confession to make to everyone that is of significant and intriguing value to this story of vile truths.

But i do find it immensley and very amusing, because there are innocent men here in TDCJ-CID and nation wide over 246 prisoners have been exonerated by DNA evidence who are innocent, and yet you evil prison guards every day of the week are committing criminal offenses as if it comes very natural to y’all just like breathing does, and in TDCJ the guards have been committing every crime there is from child molesting, rape, petty theft, murder, dealing in narcotics, cell phones, tobacco, falsifying government documents, embezzlement. Etc..

Now this next intellectual-gratifying and stimulating truth that i will describe, i find it even more amusing then my previous delightful one before mentioned herein. And that is, that i have noticed how emotionally agitated y’all get when an innocent man specifically (yours truly) has the courage to expose you for the crimes that you commit. I picture you gray sharks faces turning beet red, and you are clinching your hands into a fist and you stomp your foot on the ground, and you scream loudly, “How dare that criminal expose us for the criminals that we are.” Ha, ha, ha. Oh that is such a very foul and drastically bad deed that i have committed.

In studying the history of my caucasian ancestors in Britain who were kings, Lords, Earls, Barons, etc.. I took specific notice that once they obtained power over the peasants, and upon them perceiving that the peasants were vulnerable and defenseless it unlocked the evil that was imprisoned in their heart, and so, once it was set free, the peasants were murdered or tortured, had their property stolen, and had their rulers lieing on them at court before the judge or king, and they did it so as to gratify their fiendish thirst and hunger, even if it meant disobeying their own laws, and their honor and integrity.

The state government employees are running an organized criminal operation that is under the guise of criminal justice that is the Texas prison system and right now. TDCJ-CID is 10 BILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT, because they have been stealing tax payers money, and so basically, what we have going on is that tax payers are paying the TDCJ-CID employee criminals to keep locked up the innocent and guilty John P. Quick criminals on the false pretense of keeping society safe from criminals, while the government criminals are stealing the tax payers money. etc.. So one group of criminals are being paid to watch over another group of criminals.


I do realize of course that some of your state employees, judges, D.A.’s, police officers, politicians & TDCJ-CID employees have not abused their official authority, and that they are decent people who are simply caught up in the sinister web that has been spun by the master criminals in the government. So my comments are not directed at you directly or indirectly.

* I also want to extend my very deepest appreciation to all of you evil and sinister judges, D.A.’S & police & politicians. I have learned a lot from Satan’s children. Might Yahweh execute judgment on all of you very soon.

**All potential TDCJ employees are given the following catch 22 proposal;

                     “If you are walking down the run with your co-worker

And he walks up to an inmate’s cell and starts cursing him out and spits on him, and then writes a disciplinary case on him saying that the inmate cursed him out and spit on him, will you lie for your co-worker?”

I learned this from a man whose spouse used to work at TDCJ. She told the sgt. that she wouldn’t lie, so she is not qualified to work here.


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