Porches, Puddin’, and Persimmon – Gary Farlow

Who are your people?

    the elderly lady asked,

rockin’ on the front porch

    while sippin’ some sweet iced tea.

We sat, years apart, yet one,

    as Southerners just love

to while away the hours,

    rockin’ and watchin’ the world go by.

Collards, grits, and RC Colas,

    hissyfits, piddlin’, and smidgen.

We are a culture of hospitality,

    church on Sunday, and family.

As I rose to take my leave,

    the elderly lady rose too.

Bless your heart for comin’, 

    she said.

Ya’ll come back now, you hear.

    the words following me.

Next time, I’ll bake you

    a fresh persimmon puddin’.

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