Political Recession – B.E. The Truth

America, has yet again suffered another tragic hour; because Donald Trump’s improper behavior to retain supremacy executive power.

There cannot be no democracy, no unity, without accountability.  There cannot be a sound society without legal boundaries.  How can the Nation stand powerful and robust, coast to coast? When the government runs amok?  How can the populace rely in their trust? In a subjective government that practices laws that stand politically corrupt.

The constitution declares that a president who does wrongful acts while in power, leaves office and can be impeached! This is nothing but political heretics, more important its about human moral ethics.  Republicans flawed their language with: MISCONCEPTIONS, INTO DELIBERATE DIRECTIONS, opposing wrong doings, to avoid lawful correction.

Donald Trump eluded punishment for his mindful seditious potentials. How does this demonstrate to the men, women and youth across this country, who were sentenced as criminals? Are not these arbitrary partisan acts, only because of his supremist credentials?  Why did favoritism from republican senators uphold Trump to prevail instrumental?  How did Donald Trump sail away from punishment free?  Simple, qualified immunity.

How much should the common populace endure, when we cannot feel safe or sure? Unjust government leaders obscured wrongdoings are rewarded.  Without boundaries, how can America move ahead?  Social media remains functional and emerges with various unpleasant progressions.  While white collar crime forsakes consequences, to parade in political recession.

February 8, 2021

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