Poetic Justice – Derrick Grantley

I protest!
My whole incarceration has been based upon a false arrest
Accusations and manipulation
City of Miami police did everything they could to try and break me
They set me up,
then they jacked me up
Threw me against the wall,
and beat me up
Cooperation for an investigation
They offered me freedom,
but only if I lied,
and said Richard Cook killed him
Killed him in his parking lot
For a Rolex,
in front of his house
I had no knowledge of this crime
In the event,
I refused to drop a dime
I was only 15
The system had no mercy on me
They sentenced me to the extreme
Whenever I’m asleep,
all I see is vengeance in my dreams
Why can’t I avenge my wrongful conviction?
Corrupt prosecutors should be in prison
For they have no decency
They must be met without hesitation,
without pity

When I was 15 years old,Coral Gables homicide detectives were trying to get me to lie and say that a dude in my neighborhood had killed a doctor in his parking lot for a gold Rolex. I declined and my mother started running the police away from our house cause they didn’t even have a warrant…After a night out,I was arrested for crimes I didn’t do.City of Miami detectives admitted to me that they knew my alleged victims were lying,but that they were not going to help me unless I helped them with the murder investigation in Coral Gables.They beat me up in the police station.They wouldn’t give me anything to eat or even let me go to sleep.They would scream and yell at me and bang on the table,and make me say what they wanted me to say to piece together a false confession.All the way up to 2006 and 2007,homicide detectives were bringing state attorneys with them to see me in prison to try and convince me to lie on Richard Cook, in exchange for my freedom.On March 20,2007,while detectives were attempting to forcefully take me out of Dade county jail on location to snitch, I ended up knocking one of the detectives out.I was charged with Battery on a Law enforcement officer. (case no:f07-9964)The charge was later dismissed.I remain in prison at this moment. – Derrick Grantley 

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