Picture This – Marcos Henderson


They say: “A picture is worth a thousand words.”, so my pen is my paint brush, paper my canvas, my medium, nouns and verbs.

So picture this; dominant despair and depression, deliberate digression, 

an atmosphere animated by anger and aggression, always in abundance, never a recession to retard the progression/

Picture seventy-five percent of your peers, life-sentences, forty to ninety years, so conversions about change, hope and freedom, more often than not, fall on deaf ears.

Picture deformation and death, not met with tears, but rather cheers. Picture being abandoned by your lover, lonely late-nights, picturing that person with another under the cover, 

causing a broken heart from which it’s a struggle to recover.

Picture not being able to communicate with your brother, worrying over an ailing mother; sometimes I can’t breathe either, because strife seems to smother.

Picture vulture


giving you an ultra ulcer.

Picture no shoulder to cry on,

no one taking the blame, instead, looking for someone to spy on, 

and lie on,

making you wonder why you should try on,

When everyone is choosing the most pitiful principles to live and die on.

Picture guards and inmates, all with an us against them mentality,

resulting in a never-ending cycle of brutality,

being covered up with flavored fallacy.

Whoever said “Ignorance is bliss.”,

couldn’t have pictures this,

For even I had to experience these situations first hand to know they exist,

and now the reality is hard to resist.

Picture being placed between the two most dangerous individuals in this environment; one with something to prove, the other with nothing to lose,

and trying to figure out which road to choose.

I hope I don’t sound repetitive or redundant,

but I want to make sure the information which is the source of my inspiration, is abundant.

Picture the worst of the worse from every nation, all in one place, on a vire-filled vicious vacation…now picture being sent there for rehabilitation

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