Out of Pretense – B.E. The Truth

A 60’s child, I encountered: Civil rights, free Huey,
Police bloodshed days into nights. I understood my plight,
absorbing, violence wasn’t right. It wasn’t just blacks under
siege but also white. They too faced unreasoned adversity,
when national guardsmen were deployed at the university
of California Berkeley. This was not a grim mistake? Ponder
upon innocent life lost at both the universities of Mississippi
and Kent State. If these acts were not designed pretentious!
More perils followed that were undecent; the assassinations
of two black leaders, also two U.S presidents.

Terror bewitched by unforeseen shadows emerging stronger;
slowly backing society into the corner. Politics now deranged!
How did America become such a corrosive dump? A quarter
of the nation swallowing protagonist toxic views from Donald
Trump. Is there no more decency? From mockery? To
uphold people’s misery?  Was there scandal inside the Clinton
administration with Bill and Hillary? Now corporations undauntedly
race toward uncharted precedence, invest billions on artificial


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