Other…End – Jose Santiago

Picture me locked in a cell trying to reach out with paper and pen.
Expressing my thoughts, feelings, worries, and doubts to you, other end.
Feel the power of my words, does that sound crazy, or does that depends?
If you read how I write, you’ll hear me talking from this other end.
Life rises and falls like waves we can learn how to surf to avoid from continue falling again.
I travel a dark cold lonely maze afraid of never finding the way out of the other end.
Imagine being lost in a wild savage jungle without a weapon with which to defend.
It’s almost like facing a crooked system with your fate at stake on the other end.
Im cruelly judge by simple mistakes in an unperfect world thats surrounded by sin.
Most laws give or take are influenced by power of money from any other end.
My thoughts, feelings, and emotions scramble like eggs being friend in a pan.
While wishing this nightmare was over, set to the past way on the other end.
Regretting all the details that were taken for granted as my mind steady expands.
And missing the people I love on this planet from this other end.
Who could I turn to when cold lonely worried afraid, if not famalies and friends?
Who even cares understands worries or loves me from your other end?

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