On Discovering His Truth – Ben Wilkins

Merriam-Webster’s dictionary definition of the word truth begins in part:

truth/trüth/noun/ 1: TRUTHFULNESS, HONESTY 2: the real state of things: FACT 3: the body of real events or facts: ACTUALITY


Consider for a long moment, what does the word truth mean to you? Epiphany usually strikes when least expected and this time was no different. One morning following a

meditative prayer on understanding a curious thing happened. The added spark from Him marinated through me as He navigated a synthesis of my, Webster’s and His words. Ink

flowed unto paper with a calming smoothness. The combined result revisited some universal truth worthy of sharing.


Consider for another moment: who are we—who is anyone—to make fun of or judge others? Might we first look in the mirror and remember we are still far from perfect? Every woman, child, man, and animal has their own nuances. Remember to choose and seek within as God’s energy strengthens us to practice habits that are productive to mental, physical, and spiritual health.


In truth, our thoughts and actions are the key to unlocking our potential. Right thought and right intent. It all starts in our minds. We think constantly. What we choose to consume our thoughts with becomes the basis of our actions. Our actions lead to our habits. Our habits then become our character; that is who we truly are. Our thoughts, actions, habits, and character combine to determine our destiny. Living by Him through right thought and right action is the key to life.


Would you agree that when someone looses focus on right thoughts and right actions, things will spiral downward? Materialism is the main reason why so many people get lost in toxic repeating loops of false egos and fake existence. It can become so subconsciously ingrained in our minds, manners, and actions that we forget our true natural potential. The

younger generations are our future. Remember your true self.


Human beings are seemingly the most advanced species on planet Earth. Why then do large numbers of people choose to trip and stumble down the rabbit hole of fear, anger, hate, and addiction which only leads to pain, suffering, affliction, and heartache? The answer may not be simple, yet we are not alone.


Perhaps it begins with LOVE of Him. We cannot truthfully love ourselves until we allow Him to open our inner spirit—only by asking, trusting, and summoning faith—will we find

love and understanding of all things. Be gentled.


No matter what our parents taught us or didn’t teach us. No matter how much hurt or painful suffering we have experienced. No matter what rock-bottoms we have hit or how many negative influences from our past we have endured. It is possible to bring light unto any darkness by expression of His truth. Let us not pity the dead, let us pity the living that choose

to live without love.


We are all capable of silencing our inner critic. We are all capable of replacing negative thought patterns. No blaming. No getting all worked up or defensive. All the bad habits we have ever learned, we can let them go. Listen to His silence. Slow down and feel a calm breeze. Relax into acceptance of all beings and all things. Wish only love and not harm to every person, animal, plant, or any other thing in the universe. Allow Him to envelope and take hold. You can and will live a life of balance, kindness, and faithful awareness. From faith within

success will be born again.


Everyone deserves to find truth of love that lasts forever; that unconditional love will be found by actively choosing our thoughts, actions, and deeds with love, compassion, faith, and understanding. Open your heart to forgiveness and become forgiven in turn. The time is now. Think on these things and practice them. The next time you find yourself downcast or

judgmental of others, remember to smile, because today—right now—is an everlasting gift from God.

Ben Wilkins is a contributing writer for Spotlight on Recovery Magazine and the National Buddhist Newsletter. His work has been published with the American Prison Writing Archive, Minutes Before Six, and elsewhere. Though currently imprisoned in Alaska, he believes life is only 10% what happens to you and 90% how you respond to it. He hopes to inspire others thru writing. He is hungry for opportunity & feedback, and gladly accepts correspondence @ the address listed. 

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