Ode To Life In A Small Southern Town – Gary K. Farlow

“Sometimes I want to run away.
I fear I’ll die if I should stay.
I feel suppressed, claustrophobic.
I dream of a world that is utopic.

But as I took at the life I lead.
reality crushes my wildest dreams.
And all that’s left is a handful of dust,
that seeps into my skin to rust.

Is it too much for me to ask.
to be freed from the loneliness of my past?
Can’t I make a brand new start?
Can’t I salvage this disillusioned heart?

Or am I doomed to never know escape?
Will I ever find my way out of this place?
I long for somewhere I can call home.
somewhere I don’t have to be all alone.

Surely there are others out there like me.
others who are different and scarred, lonely.
The problem is that I’ll have to find them?
And if I see them how will I recognize them?

Everything seems so complicated.
I fear my hunger will go unsated.
But only if I could run away,
then maybe, just maybe, I’d be okay.

Maybe I’d find shelter in loving arms.
Maybe I’d find a haven that’s safe and warm.
But I fear I’ll never know,
unless I find the strength to go…”

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