Ode to a Pandemic – Gary Farlow

Ode to a Pandemic

You find me at the coffee shop 

    having your daily latte; 

at the movies, where you meet 

    up with friends for popcorn, 

At the grocery store, strolling

    the aisles buying canned tomatoes, 

You find me on dates which is sad,

    because on dates I really try to appear, 

You find me at Disney World, Carowinds, 

    in line for Space Mountain or Thunderroad, 

You find me at parties, showing up 

    uninvited so often you stop celebrating, 

You find me on an airplane, in a slow

    moving line at check in and baggage claim, 

Don’t worry, some told you its all a

    hoax as millions fell, 

As if that would forestall me, to know I am 

    the enemy, your stalker

Every good artist makes their audience

    uncomfortable, my art is death, 

My birthday is your doomsday,

    so go on, believe in a hoax

As I watch you try to catch your

    breath, gripped in sweat, 

Easy to believe, 

    if you’ve never lost the gift of taste,

Been shaken in chills as if you are the 

    pulse button on a blender, 

Don’t worry, I’ll find you 

    for I linger on the air

Evolving, mutating, seeking

    you out- my purpose. 

“Here I am, world” I shout, 

    to make you think its safe

As if removing your mask is a 

    crime you can’t get busted for

So let’s party like it’s 1999, 

    invite friends over, 

Share a hug, a little red cup

    and toast to no tomorrow…

By Garry Farlow

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