Obsession – B.E. The Truth

Anchored upon the Caribbean under exotic sunset
fondle thru her hair kissing softly against your neck.

The ocean breeze willows smooth through twilight skies
as sultr: notions glistens brightly within your eyes.

Joslyn stikes this desirable pose I find notably most
attractive. I stand atop of the world enshrined within her magic.

Romance conjoins complete like flesh onto bones. Sensations
blossom so sweet, aphrodisia fans strong.

My attention I’ll give ya until the day I die. I respect your
Opinions and need you at my side.

Too devote quality affection; our means to survive. While
honesty Ignites pleasing desires to soar so ever high.

Gently paint onto your spine to release fervor never felt,
pleasing pleasure erupts, then our lips dance tightly from the result.

My tight embrace cradles her with a command virile hold;
our french kiss surge! Touchin’ the core of your soul.

I’ll whisper sparkling endearments and share with ya this secret
our spirits agree as one; baby this is how we’ll keep it.

Calm waters, the stars glimmer, this moment feels so right!
Josyln come cuddle until cupid summons our appetite.

Nestled together natural affections do magically creep, armours
alive! As we lay and vanish into our sleep.

Lovely adorable lady, welcome into my life. Take my hand, share
my world, become my sugar and spice.

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