O Love – Kaheem Shakel Bennet

  1. O Love, you’re such a wonderful fruit that was given to me from the creator to give to them (the world).
  2. Even though you can be tough at times – your toughness feels so delightful in a way that nourish the soul with notifications of the love of God.
  3. O Love, Explain to me why I mourn for you the most?
  4. O Love, Explain to me why your attributes manifest obedience, comparison, and a crop that harvest harmony that provides the universe with grains and tasteful fruits?
  5. O Love, if we didn’t know you would it be a great possibility that we wouldn’t know God?
  6. O Love, is it true that if we didn’t know you we wouldn’t know how to hate?
  7. O Love, I’m just glad that I met you personally because your excess of value over-shadowed me with the qualities you possess that transfigured to the Fear of God that transcend to a higher elevation of understanding the reasons of why I despise hate so much.

O Love,

The poem “O Love” was written in the form of me talking to Love personally about the thoughts that arrive in the human brain on a daily basis. 

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