NO True Justice – Razor

A system built for us to fail.
A place desind to disintagrate our mine’s were we must alway’s be carefull.
A nightmare that is Lived & unable for one to excape.
A forever forgotten city of discarded people that siciaty & the world see’s as hopeless.
A ripe in time were Dream’s rarely accure & making this world completely void of light, as if all life hadn’t excited at all.
A monder day plantation were all race’s are made into a person of today’s slavery as a prizoner without any kind of voice at all becomin only somebody elses propurty be bought, sold, or trayded as if not humen.
A cold bottomless pit of Lost souls thats been damed to concently feel & undurstand the magnitued of all the read true uspoken pain of the others whom also bein damed to be tossed away, Lost, Lonely & to be nothing more then


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