no such thing as love – Jordan Earls

nanny’s voice is the first sound i hear;
sweet, sweet southern drawl like music to my ears;
white and brown blurs at our feet as hugs are being shared.
aunt boshe and the family rushing to the porch;
joy beneath bright icicle lights.
is your house on fire, mark?

jessie and magpie’s deviled eggs followed by
mama’s red velvet cake and nanny’s chocolate pie;
a perfect beginning to a long afternoon nap.
presents! presents! it’s time to open presents!
uncle joel gently delegates the gifts one at a time.
one for jordy, and one for josh, and look! one for bobby, too.

my God! how precious these memories are!
this truth has no power, above or below, could mar.
won’t you agree? this is so important!
for i am fully convinced that there is
no such thing as love
without this.

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