New Black World Order – O.G. Blue

Hello! New Black World Order, Look
around what do you see, “You see all
Black faces, angry just Like me
Sick and tired of Mothers crying because
their Songs keep dying
Look at your Brother, Look to your sister,
the Love between us Is felt with the same,
Heartbeat, “No more dying at the hands of a
domonic symbol on some filthy street
Put down your phones, forget the myth
about xmas being merry, “We’ve got to take
a stand now by whatever means necessary
The law of the Land means taking a
stand, “We don’t need that other man
Stop the Monster with the deceit and
Lies, everytime it show, someone dies
Black and Brown stand together and
take the Monster down
The only way to ensure World peace
Is once the Monster is gone, completely

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