“Neutral: The Journey Manifest” – Bednago Harper

An excerpt from my novel “Neutral: The Journey Manifest”

“Not that it really matters, but I find myself very, very, very disturbed by many of the things I have witnessed during this time. I hope and pray that this will be the last time that I will ever be incarcerated. I have grown to suspect that my incarceration was preordained by my Higher Power as a sacrificial expenditure for me to gain the COSTLY knowledge by which to measure the PRICELESS value of my freedom. When I look around this room, and I draw upon all that I have come to know, and all that I believe in, I envision the limited, yet limitless potential of men who must endure the inescapable frustrations of prison life while they still at least try to maintain a reasonable level of sanity. That can command a great exercising of one’s will. I’ve witnessed untapped and immense reasons of unmistakable talent in music, art, poetry and athletics, just to name a few, and sadly, many of these talents will remain untapped in the stragnating reserves of prisons simply because there are no positive outlets they can be channeled into. It’s a waste of human potential, a terrible waste, and it DISTURBS ME GREATLY! I hope and pray that you brothers- red, yellow, black, white or brown- will use this time wisely, and constructively, and direct what you will learn from it to just one young person when you are released from here – just one – and instill in them the knowledge that this – prison – is not the way. It won’t be easy to resist the temptations that could possibly lead you back here once you are released. Resisting temptation never has been, and never will be easy. Of that, all I have to say is that resisting temptation is much easier to do than time. 

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