Myself – Marcos Henderson

I get so fed up, that sometimes I think I should just kill myself, and don’t even try to tell me you feel me, cause sometimes I dont even feel myself,

So numb and confused, I don’t know what I should feel myself, and I’ve gotten so empty on the inside, that I dont know how to fill myself, needing someone to talk to, so maybe I should go see Doctor Phil myself.

In a time when so many have to medicate to meditate, I’m thinking maybe I need a pill myself, Wrapped so tight on the inside, that it seems impossible to unpeel myself.

Everybody praising the street, but I no longer see the appeal myself, and I know I’m guilty, so tell me how I can appeal myself?

They say I’m anti-social, but at times I don’t even want to deal with myself, didn’t like the hand I was given, so I chose to shuffle and deal with myself, but things still wasn’t Kosher, so no dill myself, not wanting to face reality, but who go can I blame since I wrote this reel myself?

Not wanting to face reality, but when I look in the mirror, I still see him, you know, the real myself.

I couldn’t seem to buy a piece of mind, so I chose to steal myself, heart been broken so many times that I turned mine to steel myself, knowing that all I needed was a little patience, but I just couldnt seem to sit still myself, and I could lie to you, but at the end of the day… I’m still myself. Sometimes I think I’m just over the hill myself. When I once thought I was invincible, you know, no achilles heel myself, but so sick that I couldn’t seem to heal myself. Life been jacked so many times, I feel like Jill myself, done lived so many shacks, I feel like O’Neal myself, and I know prayer changes things, but at times I still find it hard to kneel myself, still trying to do it myself. 

Got a couple dollars, thinking lotto, cause I could really use a mil’ myself, but I think I’ll just head on over to McDonalds, because I really need a meal myself…

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